1500W Horizontal Spinning Machine
1500W Horizontal Spinning Machine

Product Specification

Power: 1500W

Applicable products: oil filtration, water filtration, nozzle joints, buoys, paint buckets, laundry tanks, hot water bottles, PP insulation cups, round objects welding

Adaptable material: PE, PP, NYLON

Input voltage: AC 380V

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Spin fusion plastic welding is the plastic workpiece mutual friction generated by the heat, so that the contact surface of the plastic workpiece to produce melting, and then rely on external pressure, drive to promote the upper and lower workpiece rotating solidification into one.
Positioning rotary melting is rotating at a set time, stopping instantly at a set position, becoming permanently fused.
The use of imported motors and brake clutch with the operation of balanced and reliable use of imported time relay control, parameter setting intuitive and accurate, with a time delay, curing function, high production efficiency, low defective rate, suitable for ultrasonic not easy to weld the round workpiece.

Ø Mutual friction generates heat, no need to add auxiliaries

Ø Imported motor and brake clutch, smooth and reliable operation

Ø Use imported time relay control, parameter setting intuitive and accurate

Ø with a delay, curing function, high production efficiency

Ø low defective rate, suitable for ultrasonic welding is not easy for round workpiece.

Features Specifications
Input voltage AC380V
Input air pressure >0<7bra
Size(mm) 650×870×1800
Weight 280kg
Rated output power 1500 W
Speed setting (adjustable) 1470 r/min
Number of laps setting 0~99
Delay time 0~9.99S
Curing time 0~9.99s
Cylinder Size(mm) 80×75
Machine Journey 158-440mm (1500W)
Welding Capability(mm) Φ20-100mm
Stroke adjustment Touch screen adjustment
Product count  touch screen count 0-99999
Operation start Two-hand start
Up and down speed adjustable (knob adjustment)


Originated in 1993, specialized in manufacturing ultrasonic plastic welding machines and offering the joining solutions of thermoplastics , gradually developed into a National High-tech Enterprise with 10,000 square meters factory buildings, 70+ CNC processing equipment, 10+ assembly lines and various inspection instruments.


With the professional and efficient R & D and production team, we have invented more than 100 professional new technologies and certified with ISO and CE certification. Strict quality control is carried out in all aspects from procurement, production, sales to after-sales service.


Our brands are “LINGKE”, “LINGGAO” and “SHENGFENG”. Mainly focus on the production of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines, Spin Welding Machines, Hot Plate Welding Machines, Ultrasonic Welding System, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, Ultrasonic Horn, Fixture and Customized Equipment etc.. “LINGGAO” is an outstanding representative of the high-end ultrasonic plastic welding technology.


Lingke is a reliable partner to companies in various fields such as plastics, non-woven fabrics, packaging, printing consumables, medical, electronic appliances, automobiles, stationery, toys and daily necessities etc. A mass of high performance, cost effective and greatly stable welding machines and application solutions are provided to various industries and enterprises all over the world.


Great Ultrasonic Equipment, Lingke made.

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