Ultrasonic Welder 20kHz 2000W/3000W L3000 ServoⅠ
Ultrasonic Welder 20kHz 2000W/3000W L3000 ServoⅠ

Product Specification

1. High precision servo motor combined with precision electric cylinder, stable output, precise control of welding speed and stroke, multi-stage welding, higher welding efficiency

2.3 welding modes: time, energy and stroke

3. System open signal port, can choose to open or close according to demand

4. Quality control management: the state output parameters can be stored and monitored as analysis results

5. Electrical box with short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload protection function, can detect horn, booster, converter loose or damaged, timely alarm issued 6. Converter connection adopts high frequency connector, 360°rotation, smooth and stable connection, easy to adjust horn angle

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