The Role of Ultrasonic Welding Machine on the Production of Oxygen Pipe

Ultrasonic welding is an advanced non-destructive welding technology that has been widely used in oxygen pipe fabrication. It adopts the principle of ultrasonic vibration, converting high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy, and transmitting the vibration to the workpiece through the welding horn to realize the welding purpose. This welding method has many advantages, and it is especially important for oxygen pipe fabrication.

4200W ultrasonic welding machine

First of all, ultrasonic welding machines enable efficient welding results. Oxygen tubes require very high quality because they are used to transport and store high-pressure gases such as oxygen. By using ultrasonic welding technology, the welding process can be completed in a short period of time and with high welding strength, with no impurities or air holes in the welding point. This ensures the sealing and safety of the oxygen tubing and the purity and stability of the oxygen.

Welding plastic products

Secondly, ultrasonic welding equipment can realize a wider range of material welding. In the production of oxygen pipe, there are various kinds of materials to be welded, including stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy and so on. The ultrasonic welding technology is not limited by the thermal conductivity and melting point of the material, and can weld different kinds of materials. In this way, more suitable materials can be selected when making oxygen pipes, while not having to worry about the difficulty and quality of welding.

plastic welding machines

In addition, ultrasonic welding is also characterized by environmental protection and energy saving. In the traditional production of oxygen pipe, often need to use traditional welding methods, such as gas welding, arc welding, etc., these methods have a high energy consumption and environmental pollution problems.

Ultrasonic welding technology uses high-efficiency ultrasonic vibration, does not require additional welding materials and fuel, can save energy and reduce environmental pollution, more in line with the concept of sustainable development.



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