The Preferred Choice of Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine—Lingke Ultrasonics

The Servo ultrasonic welding machine is a modern automated welding equipment. Compared with traditional cylinder-type ultrasonic welding machines, Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machines can effectively avoid welding effects caused by external factors such as differences in welding quality due to unstable air pressure.

Lingke servo ultrasonic welder uses servo motor control, which has greater advantages for some small and precise products. The welding result is the same as the welding settings, and the welding requirements can be met very accurately.
With the development of industrial manufacturing, Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in various industries. In the future, the application fields of ultrasonic welding machines will continue to expand, allowing more and more products to be produced with high efficiency, reliability and stability.

L3000 Servo ultrasonic plastic welder

Application scope of Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machine
Automotive industry: Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in the automotive industry for the welding of headlights, taillights, airbags, front fenders, bumpers, bodies, doors and other components.

Electronics industry: Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in the electronics industry to weld plastic parts of U disks, remote control pens, routers, power banks, mobile phone accessories, imaging equipment, speaker casings and other products.

Printing consumables: Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in printing consumables such as plastic shells, ink cartridges, ink bottles, toner cartridges, ribbons, printers, etc. Ultrasonic welding machines can achieve efficient and precise welding, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Medical product

Medical industry: Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in the medical industry for medical devices, medical packaging, surgical gowns, culture bottles, ventilators, etc. Due to the high hygiene requirements of medical products, ultrasonic welding machines can achieve dust-free and pollution-free welding to ensure product cleanliness.

Lingke Ultrasonics is the first domestic company to master servo-controlled pressure ultrasonic welding technology and has strong technical strength. Lingke Ultrasonics is an expert in the field of ultrasonic equipment with 30 years of experience in this industry. Its professional technical team has many years of experience in R&D, design and maintenance. If you encounter problems related to servo ultrasonic welding, we are willing to consult online. Answer your questions and provide consultation.




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