Lingke Ultrasonic Helps Automobile Manufacturers Become Bigger and Stronger

Lingke Ultrasonic’s full range of welding technologies for engine room components can help automakers reduce costs and meet more stringent fuel standards. Helping automakers around the world reduce vehicle weight and emissions to create lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Whether it is the use of new achievements in laser, ultrasonic and other technologies, or hot plate, infrared, rotation and other welding technologies, Lingke Ultrasonic can work with you to design and implement appropriate solutions.

Car can

Lingke Ultrasonic’s plastic joining technology plays a positive role in helping automobile manufacturers reduce harmful emissions. Plastic welding positions the canister into the vehicle’s drivetrain, ensuring that chemical emissions from the fuel system are captured by the canister before they enter the environment.
The technology can be customized to customer needs to ensure specific engine needs, fuel tank sizes and regulatory requirements are met.

Control panel with switches and lamps

Electronic Control Device
Lingke Ultrasonic’s laser technology can safely join together plastic parts that are susceptible to damage from vibration, heat or other welding methods and contain sensitive or precision components. Because the laser welding process uses less force and produces no vibrations, it automatically makes such parts safer.

Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology is used to build protective casings for electronic control units (ECUs) whose operation is critical to vehicle operation, including regulating fuel injection systems, ignition timing, and idle control systems.



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