Application of Lingke Ultrasonic Welding on Packaging Film

Lingke ultrasonic welding of films is an effective process for joining films, and the welding of films is very important in the packaging industry. Filament films can be welded to each other or to other materials. This is how coffee capsules, beverage packaging and more are made.

The characteristics of using Lingke ultrasonic welding film: heat is generated inside the material, not added from the outside. Therefore, the required temperature will not be too high to damage the film and prevent the film from shrinking.

Working Principle

The high voltage generated by the generator is converted into mechanical vibrations (ultrasonic waves) in the transducer. The welding tool (bonding tip) transfers it to the film to be welded. Frictional heat is generated, and the film heats up in a short time. Since the welding tool does not heat up, the pressure of the welding head against the membrane causes both joining and cooling of the weld seam.

Thin film and ultrasonic sealing

Filament films or laminates can be joined with the help of Linke ultrasonic welding seals. Ultrasound waves cause the molecules in the layers to vibrate with each other. Friction causes localized heat generation at the point of contact between the two layers. This is where the materials join and form the weld. After the seam cools, the connection is almost as strong as the original material.



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