LK-VW55 Linear Vibration Friction Welding Machine
LK-VW55 Linear Vibration Friction Welding Machine

Product Specification

LK-VW55 linear vibration friction welding machine is a plastic welding equipment specially used to weld large or irregular-shaped thermoplastic workpieces.

This equipment can weld large irregular plastic workpieces up to 280cm² and a variety of smaller size plastic workpieces.


Product Parameters

Machine model: LK-VW55

Welding area: 280cm²

Amplitude: 0.7-1.8mm

Vibration frequency: 220-260Hz


Voltage: AC380V

Input capacity: 29KVA

Stored results: 100

Ambient temperature: 0-50

Table travel: 500mm

Table pressure: 50-1800kg

Total aircraft weight: 4100kg

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Products details

LK-VW55 is equipped with a digital vibration variable frequency power source, which has automatic resonance and automatic frequency tracking and adjustment functions.

This machine uses an easy-to-operate touch screen control display and professional control software. With high welding strength and good quality, it is widely used in large-scale automobile parts, plastic products, home appliances, and office automation parts industries.



01 High frequency of use, high friction effect

02 Use IGBT method AMPA

03 Use ASIC power station

04 Automatically maintain constant amplitude

05 Controllable output power

06 Welding mode setting: depth, time

07 Automatic resonance function


Welding Applications

Suitable for welding of chopping boards, instrument panel molds, logistics transfer boxes, PP boards and other large plate welding, instrument panel ID: airbag frame welding, air duct welding, air bag frame + air duct and body welding, front defroster plate welding, frame reinforcement Plate welding etc.


Technical Specification

Overall dimensions Width 1240mm length 2454mm height 2240mm
Weight of upper mold 5~55Kg
Welding capability 280cm²
Amplitude 0.7-1.8mm
Vibration frequency 220-260HZ
Load vibration output 18.5KW
Voltage AC380V,3 phase
Input capacity 29KVA
System control PLC Mitsubishi FX3U
Touch screen Mitsubishi GT11 series
Welding mode Time mode,depth mode
Store Results 100pcs
Analysis of welding results Qualified,unqualified
Multi stage pressure control  
Ambient temperature 0-50°C
Table travel 500mm
Table moving speed 250mm/s(maximum)
Table pressure 50-1800kg
Opening space of safety door 1400mm width and 790mm height
Total weight 4100kg


Q:Why choose ultrasonic welders?

A.It is cost effective, as it shortens manufacturing time.

B.It is environmentally-friendly, as no solvents, adhesives or any other reagent is needed.

C. It improves the quality of the products.

D. It ensures safety in production.


Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to the human body?

No. Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave, and when it is propagating, the energy will concentrate on the same specific direction, and it will not cause harm to human body.


Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?

A: We work with EMS, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.


Q:How to choose the Frequency of ultrasonic welders?

A:The material and size and other factors will be taken into consideration.

Please contact us, we will recommend the suitable machine according to your products.


Q:Can you make customized horns (sonotrodes and fixtures) ?

A:We can make the customized horns according to your plastic parts.


Q: What‘s your warranty terms?

A:Machines for one year,generator for half a year,horn and transducer for three months.


Q:What‘s the lead time?

A:If only conventional models, usually 3~10 working days. If customized mold required, it needs negotiate.

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