20kHz 2000/2600W LA2000 Ultrasonic Degating Machine-Horizontal
20kHz 2000/2600W LA2000 Ultrasonic Degating Machine-Horizontal

Product Specification

This equipment is suitable for hard thermoplastics, such as polystyrene (PS), nylon (PA), ABS, PC, AS, PMMA, POM, ABS+PC, and other hard and brittle plastic materials


Frequency: 15/20kHz

Power: 2000W/2600W/3200W

Features: full-color high-definition touch screen, digital welding parameter setting, more intuitive and accurate; super cutting, installed imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, strong and stable output.

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Products details

01 Intelligent operation: full-color high-definition touch screen, convenient for parameter setting and storage

02 Digital electrical box, equipped with "system protection detection" and "automatic tuning" function modules, quick matching without manual tuning

03 Strong high-frequency and high-amplitude vibration output, the separation port is crisp and neat

04 Stable quality control: Install imported piezoelectric ceramic transducers, with strong and stable output and high quality consistency

05 Suitable for a variety of products: the output power is adjustable from 10% to 100%, suitable for the water separation of various types of hard thermoplastic products by vibration

06 Efficient and beautiful: replace the traditional stamping and shearing method, high-speed vibration without residue, smooth and beautiful like injection molding

07 Easy to operate: the grating controls the start and stop of the wave, the operation is simple, and there is no need to adjust the ultrasonic vibration time

机型 Model LA 2000 超声波水口振落机-卧式
频率 Frequency 20kHz 15kHz
功率 Power 2000W 2600W 2600W 3200W
输出时间 Output time 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s
输入电源  Input power supply 190-240V AC  50/60Hz
显⽰屏 Display Screen 全彩⾼清触摸屏

Full-color high-definition touch screen

功率检测 Power Detection 实时(即时) Real time

Internal Amplitude(power)


10% to 100% adjustable


Internal Power Supply

12V DC/24V DC 500mA含稳压及短路保护
12V DC/24V DC 500mA with voltage regulation and short circuit protection
错误讯息显⽰ Error Message 屏幕显⽰ Screen Display
连接插头 Connecting Plug DB9/DB15
选单语⾔ Menu Language 中⽂、英⽂

Chinese/English(customized language supported)

计数器 Counter 可计数范围0-99999pcs 0~99999pcs

Maximum Feed Size(mm)

385×297(Max)(⽴式) Horizontal Type
外形尺⼨ Size (mm)


压机Press 801×551×904(⽴式) Horizontal Type
电箱(数字化机型)Generator(Digital Type) 430×230×108


压机Press 57.5(立式) Horizontal Type
电箱(数字化机型)Generator(Digital Type) 7.5kg
⼯作模式 Mode 时间模式/能量模式/⼿动模式Time Mode/Energy Mode/Manual Mode


Q:Why choose ultrasonic welders?

A.It is cost effective, as it shortens manufacturing time.

B.It is environmentally-friendly, as no solvents, adhesives or any other reagent is needed.

C. It improves the quality of the products.

D. It ensures safety in production.


Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to the human body?

No. Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave, and when it is propagating, the energy will concentrate on the same specific direction, and it will not cause harm to human body.


Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?

A: We work with EMS, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.


Q:How to choose the Frequency of ultrasonic welders?

A:The material and size and other factors will be taken into consideration.

Please contact us, we will recommend the suitable machine according to your products.


Q:Can you make customized horns (sonotrodes and fixtures) ?

A:We can make the customized horns according to your plastic parts.


Q: What‘s your warranty terms?

A:Machines for one year,generator for half a year,horn and transducer for three months.


Q:What‘s the lead time?

A:If only conventional models, usually 3~10 working days. If customized mold required, it needs negotiate.

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