15/20/35kHz Cross Flow Fan Blade Welding Horn
15/20/35kHz Cross Flow Fan Blade Welding Horn

Product Specification

Product model: Cross Flow Fan Blade Welding Horn/ Mold

Frequency: 15/20/35kHz

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Ultrasonic mold/horn for ultrasonic plastic welding machine with the use of the purpose of welding plastic products, due to the use of different occasions and welding materials, welding size size is not the same, different welding objects need to have a different tool head, its specifications are also various.

Its function is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer into the object being processed. Because it needs to transmit ultrasonic waves, the welding head must work in a resonant state, that is, its natural resonant frequency must match the transducer. Secondly, The amplitude should be uniform, and the end face shape of the welding head should adapt to the shape of the workpiece to be welded.


  • Using imported high-end welding head testing equipment and supporting CNC processing equipment, the welding head quality is good;


  • Can be designed and customized according to product appearance or other requirements;


  • Combined welding heads can be produced according to the special requirements of special product design


Originated in 1993, specialized in manufacturing ultrasonic plastic welding machines and offering the joining solutions of thermoplastics , gradually developed into a National High-tech Enterprise with 10,000 square meters factory buildings, 100+ CNC processing equipment, 10+ assembly lines and various inspection instruments.


With the professional and efficient R & D and production team, we have invented more than 100 professional new technologies and certified with ISO and CE certification. Strict quality control is carried out in all aspects from procurement, production, sales to after-sales service.


Our brands are “LINGKE”, “LINGGAO” and “SHENGFENG”. Mainly focus on the production of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines, Spin Welding Machines, Hot Plate Welding Machines, Ultrasonic Welding System, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, Ultrasonic Horn, Fixture and Customized Equipment etc.. “LINGGAO” is an outstanding representative of the high-end ultrasonic plastic welding technology.


Lingke is a reliable partner to companies in various fields such as plastics, non-woven fabrics, packaging, printing consumables, medical, electronic appliances, automobiles, stationery, toys and daily necessities etc. A mass of high performance, cost effective and greatly stable welding machines and application solutions are provided to various industries and enterprises all over the world.


Great Ultrasonic Equipment, Lingke made.

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