20kHz 2000W/3000W L3000 ServoⅡ Plastic Welder
20kHz 2000W/3000W L3000 ServoⅡ Plastic Welder

Product Specification

1. High precision servo motor combined with precision electric cylinder, stable output, accurate control of welding speed, stroke, multi-stage welding, higher welding efficiency

2. Digital intelligent control system, Chinese/English operation interface, 15.6″ full colour HD touch screen, key permissions protected by password

3. Support Wi-Fi-4G wireless network, system remote operation and maintenance, more convenient troubleshooting

4.7 welding modes: time, energy, stop vibration, Xn, multi-stroke, absolute stroke, differential stroke (Servo II)

5. Open signal ports for safety grating, acoustic enclosure, base film weld detection and roll film, which can be switched on or off according to requirements

6. Quality control function: monitoring of frequency, ultrasonic time, energy, power, welding stroke, pressure and other status output parameters as analysis results

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