20kHz 2000W Digital Ultrasonic Generator System
20kHz 2000W Digital Ultrasonic Generator System

Product Specification

The main function is to convert the power frequency 50/60Hz power supply into a high-frequency ((eg 20kHz)) high-voltage electrical signal using electronic circuits.

Comes with a 4.3-inch full-color display touch screen

The upper left corner of the electrical box displays the current electrical box model; for example, “GMO20-20″ means that the machine is 20kHz 2000W

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Products details

Mode settings:

Press the "lock" image in the lower right corner of the "Home Page" in the boot interface, enter the password "123" and click the trigger mode to select "safe welding", "non-standard mode" and "fast welding" (non-standard mode is used for external control, Commonly used in supporting automation equipment, welding time is controlled externally)

Vibration time: used to vibrate off the welded parts that are still stuck on the welding head after welding.

Power increase: Adjustable when the original power of the equipment is not enough (0-20%).

FM voltage: used during debugging (2-3V adjustable). The factory setting is 2.6V.

Sonic overload protection and clear interface:

When the device is affected by factors such as current, voltage, and temperature, and the real-time monitoring value of the ultrasonic frequency exceeds the reference value ±0.5kHz, the system will pop up the acoustic overload protection and clearing interface. At this time, the electric box is in a protection state and the ultrasonic output cannot be activated.

Press the "Overload Clear" key for 2 seconds to clear the overload.

Sonic test:

Before the sound wave test, it must be confirmed that all the connecting wires between the electric box and the press are well connected, and the welding horn, amplifier, and horizontal fine-tuning screw on the press must be locked.


Click the sound wave test on the operation interface of the electric box (the first test time should not exceed 1S), the sound will be crisp and smooth during the sound wave test, if there is any noise, stop the test immediately, and check whether the welding horn, vibrator, and horizontal fine-tuning screws are locked!



Q:Why choose ultrasonic welders?

A.It is cost effective, as it shortens manufacturing time.

B.It is environmentally-friendly, as no solvents, adhesives or any other reagent is needed.

C. It improves the quality of the products.

D. It ensures safety in production.


Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to the human body?

No. Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave, and when it is propagating, the energy will concentrate on the same specific direction, and it will not cause harm to human body.


Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?

A: We work with EMS, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.


Q:How to choose the Frequency of ultrasonic welders?

A:The material and size and other factors will be taken into consideration.

Please contact us, we will recommend the suitable machine according to your products.


Q:Can you make customized horns (sonotrodes and fixtures) ?

A:We can make the customized horns according to your plastic parts.


Q: What‘s your warranty terms?

A:Machines for one year,generator for half a year,horn and transducer for three months.


Q:What‘s the lead time?

A:If only conventional models, usually 3~10 working days. If customized mold required, it needs negotiate.

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